Home Security and Burglar Alarms

Home security is a basic requirement when it comes to ensuring safety for you and your family.  But what steps should you take to ensure you have reliable home security?  Do you need to purchase and install any of the plethora of home alarm systems  and products?  Where do you start with home security?  Which home security systems are suitable for your property?  And what about a home security camera?

Home Security – The Onion Peeling Principle

Home Security with the SK5 Wireless Alarm from Friedland
Well, the first thing to do is to carry out a home security survey of your property.  As a police officer I was taught how to carry out professional home security surveys using what is known as the “Onion Peeling Principle”, and it is this system that I would recommend you use too.  Why onion peeling?  Well if you take an onion and cut it in two you will see it made up ever diminishing sizes of rings from the outside to centre.  And this is how I would like you to view your property.  I would like you to envisage the onion skin as your property boundary and then work inwards to the centre of your property classing each of the rings as another area that may have something that a potential criminal would wish to steal and which needs to be protected i.e. the next ring could equate to garden security and sheds where valuable tools may be kept (see shed alarms here) .  The objective is to ensure that every layer of your property is adequately protected against burglars and intruders.

Home Security – Burglar Alarms

Home Security with the SA5 Response Wireless Alarm
It has been clearly proven that burglar alarms are a visible deterrent to burglars and intruders breaking into your property.  But what sort of burglar alarm do you need?  There is a whole array of home security systems on the market and it can be extremely difficult to identify which one is the best for your needs.  And what about a home security camera – well you can find out more about wireless CCTV here)

One of those very important skills I was taught as a crime prevention police officer was that whenever I was giving advice to householders following a home security survey, that advice should be ARC.  ARC stands for Appropriate, Realistic and Cost effective and installing a burglar alarm is one of those areas where I strongly advise serious consideration of ARC before you spend your money.  The first area of saving is your household insurance.  Your premiums may be reduced if you install a burglar alarm so it’s well worth while contacting your company.

The next bit of money saving advise I would give is to definitely dissuade you from purchasing a burglar alarm from door to door salespeople or from companies who cold call you on the telephone asking to make an appointment to visit.  Some of these more disreputable companies will offer free home security surveys and free burglar alarms.  Unfortunately, it’s only when you’ve accepted the gifts and signed the contract that you realise you’ve signed for a lengthy and VERY expensive monitoring contract which you cannot get out of.


One of the easiest burglar alarms to fit would be the wireless burglar alarm.  No wires have a host of advantages not least of all because you don’t need to drill holes through walls or run cable around rooms.  You can read about further advantages to fitting a wireless burglar alarm here. If you are fitting a wireless burglar alarm I would recommend those burglar alarms that conform to British Standards (BS 6799) and use the Government approved 868 MHz operating frequency which gives added protection against false activations.  You can see examples of burglar alarms that fall into this category here.

If you want any more information or advice about home security and recognised home security tips, please check our other articles or contact me.

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