Wireless Alarms Reviews


You want to protect your property and you’re considering a wireless alarm system. But which one should you install?
Here, Home Office qualified Crime Prevention Advisors review wireless security systems from top UK companies then compare prices to find you the best deal. Just click the link below to find out which wireless alarm is going to be suitable for you, or use the navigation bar to compare specific alarms



How to Install a Wireless Alarm

For the average DIYer it is relatively easy to work out how to install a wireless alarm. Wireless alarms make excellent security systems for the home and office and I am going to show you how easy it is to install one on this page (or you can watch the video here). If you are still not certain about the benefits of wire free security systems, take a look at ….. continue

Home Security, The Onion Peeling Principle and Burglar Alarms

Home security is a basic requirement when it comes to ensuring safety for you and your family.  But what steps should you take to ensure you have reliable home security?  Do you need to purchase and install any of the plethora of home alarm systems and products?  Where do you start with home security?  Which home security systems are suitable for your property?  And what about a home security ….. continue

Police Response to Burglar Alarms

So you want to know what the police response to burglar alarms is likely to be.  OK let’s see what that involves.  First of all it should be noted that the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) amended their policy regarding police response to burglar alarms in January 2010.  When considering the response they give to alarm activations, the police classify security systems into two groups – Type A and Type B.  The table below shows the main differences (including approximate costs ….. continue

FREE Crime Prevention Survey Report

This crime prevention survey report lets you get the best crime prevention advise for your house and garden without having to trawl through the plethora of pamphlets and documents to find the bits that relate to you.  Well now with a FREE personalised crime prevention survey report from Wireless Alarms Review you don’t have to ….. continue


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